About Us

The Future Build offers an unrivalled platform for suppliers of green building products to bring their products and materials to the attention of all elements of the construction industry, particularly in the United Arab Emirates and wider Arab world, concerned with sustainable construction.

Achieve your environmental objectives

The Future Build is the same directory being used by specifiers and contractors working on projects in Masdar City, one of the world’s most sustainable developments. The portal reflects the vital need of Masdar City – as with any project that seeks to accurately manage its environmental footprint – to understand and manage the embodied carbon and other environmental implications of products and materials used to construct and operate the city.

Fifteen green criteria

Our Advantage

The Future Build is making it easier for architects, engineers and contractors to construct more sustainable, environmentally friendly buildings that also are healthier for those who build them, and live and work in them. While The Future Build has been developed to serve specifiers and contractors in the UAE and wider region, the strength of its assessments and user-focused design make it a valuable tool for industry professionals worldwide.